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Help for the Newly Diagnosed

During the time between a cancer diagnosis and the start of treatment, you may want to learn more about your particular form of cancer or seek guidance from a counselor or someone who has had the same type of cancer.

AmMed Cancer Center offers services especially for newly diagnosed patients. Select from the list below to learn more.

Counseling & Support
People diagnosed with cancer and their families cope in varying ways with the disease and its treatment. Many find that psychological support during this time is helpful.

AmMed Cancer Center offers counseling to meet the individual needs of each person, and our professional counselors are available to speak with every patient. Our nurse can often help newly diagnosed patients gain perspective on their situations.

Patient-to-Patient Volunteers
Through our volunteer program, former patients who have completed treatment can meet with recently diagnosed cancer patients to share their experiences and offer support. You can usually arrange to talk with someone whose diagnosis closely matches your own and who has received the treatment you and your doctor are considering.

Support Group

If you receive your diagnosis while in the hospital, you may find it helpful to talk with other patients. Support groups, led by a healthcare professional, give inpatients the opportunity to receive information about psychosocial concerns and to meet and talk with others whose diagnoses and treatments are similar to theirs.

Outpatient Counseling
Many people find that counseling can help them manage the complications that being a cancer patient can add to life. The AmMed Cancer Center Counseling is available to help.